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Health and wellbeing

In this section you will find information and services, support and activities to help you improve your quality of life by managing your health and wellbeing and maintaining your independence.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great North Care Record?

Sunderland City Council is a part of the Great North Care Record. This means we make information we record about you available electronically on the Great North Care Record.

Health and care staff from other organisations in the North East and North Cumbria who are involved in your care can then access this information. It helps us make your care better and safer.

If you want to find out more about the Great North Care Record, or have any concerns; visit the website, email or call the helpline on 0344 811 9587 (open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm). 

How can I improve my health and wellbeing?

If you are interested in improving your health and wellbeing, why not find out how you can get active.  There are a range of activities for all levels from walking to cycling as well as an A-Z of sporting activities.  You can find out more information on the Council's Active Sunderland web pages.

You might also be interested in accessing your local leisure centre.  Please visit our list of centres in the Health and fitness section to find your nearest centre and what's on offer.

There is other sport and physical activities available in and around Sunderland.  You can find more information on the Tyne Wear Activity Club Finder website.

NHS One You service can help you make small changes that fit your life, so you feel better and healthier every day. They provide information about health apps to help you monitor your alcohol intake, how much you are moving as well as other useful health and wellbeing information.  You can find out more information on the NHS NHS One You website.

Emotional wellbeing
Feeling good mentally is just as important as feeling good physically. Having access to advice about your emotional health can be valuable and many people find that talking about their problems is extremely helpful.  If you would like to access mental health support, please look at our list of services in the Mental Health support section.

Where can I get a free NHS health check?

NHS Logo

Most people will get an invite from their GP and will book in with the practice nurse or another healthcare professional at the surgery.  However you can find out more information on the Live Life Well website, you can call them free on 0800 107 0741 or local number 0191 565 3482.

What is an NHS Health Check?
If you’re aged 40-74 with no pre-existing conditions you can have an NHS Health Check. Think of it as a free midlife MOT to check that your important circulatory and vascular systems are healthy. You’ll be asked some easy questions and have some simple tests done by a health professional. Most people will find that they’re perfectly well but a few people might need to make a few small lifestyle changes to ensure they stay healthy.

If you have a long term condition or you want to know about symptoms, medicines and treatments, you can find more information on the NHS Health A-Z website.


Where can I get help if I am ex military or a veteran?

If you have recently left the military or are a veteran, there are many organisations locally and nationally who can provide some support.  There are 2 veteran support services operating in sunderland

  1. Changing Lives Veterans Service
    For help please email or

  2. Veterans In Crisis
    For help please email

Please also look at our list of services in the Health and Wellbeing section under Ex Military and veterans section.

What is digital health?

Digital health means you can go online to access support and manage your health in different ways such as;

  • Make appointments online
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Find advice about symptoms and conditions
  • Manage long term conditions via specific applications

If you would like to know more about digital health please visit the Self care and carers apps section in Digital Assisted and Supported Living. 

If you would like to learn online about improving your health, you can find out more information on the Learn My Way website which provides free online training in a wide range of subjects.

I am in crisis, where can I get help?

Crisis support is available from the Council's local Welfare Provision scheme for vulnerable people who;

  • Do not have short-term resources to be able to meet certain needs themselves following an emergency or crisis.

The scheme supports vulnerable people in a crisis or emergency and provides help with:

  • food
  • utilities (gas/electricity)
  • travel costs
  • clothing

You can find more information on the Council's Crisis support web page about eligibility and how to apply.

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