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Help to live at home

In this section you will find information and services that can help you manage personal and household tasks, as well as your health and wellbeing, with the purpose to help you retain independence and live well for longer at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get help if I am feeling lonely or isolated?

If you are feeling lonely or isolated, lacking confidence or struggle to get out because of mobility reasons, please look at our list of services in the Combating Loneliness section.  These services will work with you to help you feel more connected with other people.

Other ways to meet people
Why not visit a library and finding out about what is events and activities they have on that you might enjoy and can get involved in.  You can find more information on the Council's Library web pages.

Age UK Sunderland offers a vital lifeline to anyone aged 50+ who is lonely or isolated and lives within the City of Sunderland.  You can find more information on the Age UK Sunderland Keeping in Touch Service web pages.

Where can I find places to visit?

There are many parks, open spaces and heritage sites in and around Sunderland that can help you stay active and socialise with other people.  Please look at our list of places to visit in the Things to do section.

You can also find more information about places to visit on the Council's See it, do it Sunderland web pages.

Where can I find support to help me at home?

If you are struggling to manage some daily tasks at home, you can find a range of services in the Help to live at home section, these services can help you remain independent by offering support with;

What can help me stay independent and well in my home?

We have a section called Digital Assisted and Supported Living where you can learn about how technology products can be used to manage aspects of your care, health and wellbeing to help you stay independent and well in your home.

The technology products featured are not a one size fits all solution and don't replace all aspects of care, but offer choice and guidance to enable you to make informed decisions about what product is right for you based on your needs, preferences, budget and what you are comfortable using.

Please look at our list of featured technology products in the Digital Assisted and Supported Living section.

Equipment and daily living aids can also help you stay independent at home.  You can find out more information and what equipment would make your life easier on the AskSARA website.  This website will ask you a few questions about the areas you struggle with in the home, and then suggests equipment that could help you based on your answers.

Where can I find help with getting out and about?

There are a range of services and options available to help you get out and about.  Please look at the services in the Transport and mobility section. These services can help with;

There is also information about travelling by bus or train, and how to apply for a blue badge if you're disabled or have a health condition that affects your mobility.

Where else can I find activities, clubs and groups?

There are a range of local groups, clubs and regular activities taking place each week

Please look in our Things to do section to find out more.  You can also find your local leisure centres in our Health and wellbeing section for ways to keep active and social.  

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