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Choosing somewhere to live

In this section you will find information and housing options that can help you plan for your future housing needs and find somewhere to live in later life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is available when choosing somewhere to live aged 55+?

Extra Care
There are several different Extra Care schemes in Sunderland.  Please look at our list of services in the Extra Care section in Choosing somewhere to live.

To apply you must be aged 55 or over and require supported or more appropriate housing, or need a level of personal care, to be considered for Extra care housing.

Sheltered housing
There are several different sheltered accommodation schemes in Sunderland.  Please look at our list of services in the Sheltered Housing section in Choosing somewhere to live.

Supported living
There are several different supported living schemes in Sunderland.  Please look at our list of services in the Supported Living section in Choosing somewhere to live.

It’s suitable for people with all levels of disability as the support is tailored to individual needs.

What is the difference between Nursing and Residential Care?

These are the 2 main types of care homes, some offer accommodation and help with personal care and others offer nursing care as well. 

A care home registered to provide personal care will offer support, ensuring basic personal needs are taken care of. Some care homes are registered to provide nursing care and these are often referred to as nursing homes.

Residential homes for young adults provides care and support for younger adults (18 – 65 years) with severe physical disabilities, learning disabilities, brain injury resulting from an accident, or mental health problems.

There are several different residential and nursing schemes in Sunderland.  Please look at our list of services in the Residential care and Nursing care section in Choosing somewhere to live.

Where can I get advice about housing?

If you are seeking general housing advice and are not at risk of homelessness within 56 days please speak to your local advice provider.  You can find more information on the Council's Housing advice web page.

If you are looking for a home or moving into the area you can find more information on the Council's Find a home web page.

Where can I go for housing support and advice as a refugee?

If you receive a positive decision on your asylum claim, it means that you have been granted leave to remain in the UK. The length of time depends on whether you are granted leave to remain with refugee status, humanitarian protection or discretionary leave. You will be eligible to work, claim mainstream benefits, apply for private housing, and you can receive support with these in the same way as other UK residents.

Please contact the Housing team at Sunderland City Council on 0191 520 5551 as soon as possible after receiving your decision. The Housing team will help you find new accommodation and apply for benefits to help you pay towards your new home. They will talk you through your options and help you find accommodation that is suitable for you and your family.

If you experience any issues regarding your decision, your housing application, or anything else, please contact Migrant Help immediately. Migrant Help can also help you if you receive a negative decision on your asylum claim.

Migrant Help
Asylum helpline: 0808 8010 503

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