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Support for carers

In this section you will find information and services for Carers to ensure they have the right information and support they need to look after themselves as well as the person they care for.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get support as a carer of an adult?

If you are a carer in need of support, please look at our list of services and groups in the Support for carers section.  

If you are caring for a young adult (aged up to 25 years) with special educational needs and disabilities, please look at our list of services in the Sunderland Local Offer section.  

The Sunderland Carers Centre also offer support, advice and guidance. It's an important service in Sunderland for everything you need to know about being a carer and also looking after yourself. 

How can I plan for an emergency or the future?

The Sunderland Carers Centre can discuss how best they can support you  as well as helping you complete a carers emergency card application form. 

The carers emergency contact card scheme is operated by Sunderland Care and Support.  It provides carers and the people they care for with an opportunity to plan in advance for emergencies and identify who the carer would like to contact in cases of emergency, when they are unable to care. 

You can find out more information on the Sunderland Carers Centre website or you can call them on 0191 549 3768. 

How can I get a break from caring?

Being a carer can be hard and there will be times when you need a break.  However long you need, your break should give you time to recharge your batteries and feel better in yourself so you can cope with your caring role.

Breaks can include day care / opportunities providers, home care agencies, and agencies able to care for children / young people.  If you are caring for a child/ young adult (aged up to 25 years), with special educational needs and disabilities, then support for carers can be found in the Local Offer section.  

It is important you look after yourself and having a Carer's Assessment will identify what might help make your life easier.  You can find out more on the Sunderland Carers Centre website. 

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