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Digital Assisted & Supported Living Area - Assistive Technology that can help you retain independence

Assistive Technology

Digital Assisted and Supported Living demonstrates how assistive technology can be used to help you or the person you care for, take control and manage aspects of your care, health and wellbeing.

Assistive technology is not a one size fits all solution and it won't replace all aspects of care, however it can be used as a form of prevention that could delay a need for formal care services and help you retain your independence for longer. 

What is right for you depends on your needs, preferences and budget.  It is important you have an understanding about what your needs are and look for the product that will best meet these as well as finding what you will be most comfortable using.

We have featured a range of technology products that we feel can be used to help you retain independence and empower you to live in your own home for longer. 

Further details can be found on the Digital Assisted and Supported Living web page.

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