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AAT The Stair Climber People

Powered stair climbers, Electric Powered Robot Stairclimbers and Add-on Power Units for manual Wheelchairs, Vacuum Posture Cushions, Sensory Feedback and Stability, Single Operator Raizer® Lifting Device for Fallen Persons... AAT,

The Powered Stair climber People are specialists in providing personalised disability access and social inclusion solutions to Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, end-users, and the general public.

FREE demonstrations are available in-home, at your place of work, etc. You're under no obligation to buy ...but we're sure you'll love what our kit can do!

Call us or introduce you to a world of caring solutions...

Who to contact

Contact Name
Dominik Drewniak
Contact Position
Regional Manager
01978 821 875
Notes a world of caring solutions...

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