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Childcare for children of Key Workers during COVID-19

Together for Children are working very closely with all registered childcare providers in the city to try to ensure that there are sufficient places for all the children that need them during this period.

The government have asked all schools and childcare providers to remain open in order to provide childcare for children of key workers.  While most providers are managing to do this, some have found that due to the low numbers of children requiring care, or due to staff being unable to work, they have had to close.

This means that some key workers are unable to use their normal childcare provider but will still need care in order for them to continue to work.

If you are a key worker and your regular childcare provider can no longer provider the childcare you need or has closed, Together for Children can help you to find alternative childcare.

Please contact the Families Information Service on 0191 520 5553.  

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