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Draft Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Strategy 0-25

Together for Children (Sunderland) Draft SEND Strategy 2019-2022 "Working together for children, young people and families" outlines the vision and the key objectives for supporting Sunderland's children and young people with SEND and their families.

Our vision for all children and young people with SEND is that they have the right support and opportunities at the right time so that they become resillient, happy and independent adults leading fulfilling lives.  There are many areas of SEND best practice in Sunderland but we recognise that there are crucial challenges ahead. We need to improve our outcomes for young people with SEND at Key Stage 4, we need mopre provision for those who have Autism and those who have social, emotional and mental health needs as well as those with speech and language needs.  We are currently looking to expand our provision in all of these areas.

The Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) for all our young people with SEND is pivotal in enabling them to achieve a fulfilling lifestyle, to have friends, access local community/leisure facilities and to have fun!

So there is a lot to do but hopefully our Draft SEND Strategy gives a clear direction to where we are going.  We would like your views on our Dtaft Strategy and the 6 Key priorities that we have identified as our main areas of focus.

We are committed to the following Key Priorities in order to achieve our vision:

  • Children and young people with SEND and their families, schools and partners have confidence and are effectively engaged in the systems, processes and support that they receive across education, health and care and are involved strategically and on an individual basis
  • Support early year's settings, mainstream schools and Post 16 establishments to improve inclusion, provide good or better provision and educational outcomes for children and young people with SEND thereby narrowing the achievement gap for all under achieving groups
  • Develop a continuum of high quality local provision to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND including Autism, social emotional and mental health difficulties and speech and language needs
  • Enable children and young people with SEND to enjoy good physical and mental health wellbeing
  • Develop positive transition and effective provision for children and young people with SEND to enable them to successfully prepare for adulthood such as employment and independent living
  • Improve integrated multi-disciplinary working, data sharing protocols, commissioning and co-ordination of services that will enhance choice, quality and ensure that Best Value is achieved from all our resources.

A copy of the Draft Strategy is attached.

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