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Featured Technology

In this section you can find out about the different assistive technology products we have featured, and through a range of information and videos, you can learn how they can help you at home, how they can be installed and how they have improved other peoples lives.

To help you understand what assistive technology products are available and how they can support you, we have arranged them into common "technology categories" to the right of the page.  Within these categories you can find the following...

  • Descriptions and features of the product
  • Links to the product website
  • Videos about how the product works and how it can be set up
  • Videos from people using the product and how it has helped them
  • Useful links to printable guides about how to use and set up product

For more traditional daily living aids visit the AskSARA website which can show you a range of products that can meet your needs.


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